Friday, March 13, 2009


Baby Mango

Have you eaten them before?
This is my first.
I spotted them at the supermart few days ago and outta curiosity, I bought a pack home.

Did a search online & this is what I got…

Source -

  • Green, to orange-yellow resembling a mango, but slightly smaller.
  • Flavor is sour to sweetish.
  • Popular in Southeast Asia.


  • Large tropical tree to 90ft.
  • There are both sour and sweet clones.
  • Fruit ripening takes 6-9 months from flowering.


  • Usually by seed, although there is some clonal selection
    through grafting.
  • It is possible to graft the maprang onto mango, and probably
    other Mangifera rootstock.
  • Seedlings fruit in 6-8 years.


  • The fruits are eaten fresh.

Native Range:

  • Native to Malaysia and Western Java.
  • The maprang is commercial grown in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

These so called baby mangoes do have a slight taste resemblance to their look-a-like.
The first few fruit I tried were a mixture of both sour & sweet combined.
Hence, I packed & left them in the fridge, hoping they will ripen further.

Earlier, when I checked on them, magic happened; now the fruit is soft to touch & the skin had turned slightly transparent.

The result - they became sweet & juicy, but don’t expect a lot of flesh though cuz the stone is really ridiculously huge for such a small fruit.

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