Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cream Puffs

Cream Puff

Elf loves the puffs from Bread Papa (who doesn’t & it’s now selling @ $2.20 a pop…so ex. rite?).
So, I thought I can try baking them & if the result is as good, he can have cream puffs as often as he likes @ home.

Managed to dig out a recipe I copied from some Taiwanese cookbook eons ago.
I am pleased to say, it’s quite a successful attempt but definitely not cost effective.
This recipe alone with the filling and all used ten eggs. ..*gosh* that’s a lot of eggs…no???
The result - shell is fragrant, soft on the inside & slight crisp on the outside.
As for the crème pâtissière, I managed to make it as liquidly as possible but there is still lacking something I cannot foretell when compared to those of Bread Papa.
Anyway, this recipe is not a mimic of Bread Papa & I think all choux pastry taste about the same just a diff in the filling.

If U know where I can find a clone recipe for Bread Papa’s cream puff, do share with me! Okie-dokie!

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