Thursday, June 12, 2008

There's Something about Almond

Almond Longan Jelly

This is what I usually order @ dessert stalls besides Chendol & Soursop Ice.
The latter is my número uno fav…but if I crave something sweeter it has gotta be almond jelly.

It’s troublesome to replica Chendol in my kitchen & laborious to ‘ripen’ a soursop but it’s definitely easy to make your own jelly.
Hence, I began making tub after tub sometime back & now I can dig into these chilled cubes whenever I need something cold & sweet in the comfort of my own home.
Another reason for enjoying this jelly dessert are the longans and I can relish almost a whole can of these little fruit each time. *Simply Toothsome but Diabetic Inducing*

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