Monday, May 26, 2008

Not another.....Choco Chip Cookie

I am often skeptical about making anything chocolate from cookbooks.
Seldom, am I really satisfied with the recipes I have attempted, of cuz with exceptions in some cases.
I think the bottom line here is just me; I am never a champion at munching chocolates.

Though I do contradict myself & repeatedly experiment with chocolate.
And I can only put the blame on those attractive pix from the recipes, yet again!
Cuz though them, I will get ferried away to some imaginary land & envisaged the result to be once again, another yummy concoction.

But this time round, it’s not the pix; it’s the name of this cookie that allured me.
Don’t U wanna sink your teeth into some cookie called Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies?? The name in itself somehow sounded awesome in my ears.

Nigela Choc Chip Cookies

Here's what I take after baking them, it’s just like any triple chocolate chip cookie & the only difference in this recipe from others, is the use of cold eggs straight from the fridge, a bonus if wanna bake in a hurry.
Other than that, there's NOTHING worth shouting about.
Oh! I forgot to mention, the recipe I am talking about here is taken off Nigella Express.

So, how high will be on this one be on my score chart, one may wonder.
I can only say it’s another disappointment conceived.

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