Saturday, April 21, 2007

Strawberry Tarte & Rolling Pin Rings

The purpose of these rolling pin rings is to make life easier when one is rolling out pastry dough for flans, tarts etc.
You can always achieve an even and precise thickness & you will never have to do guess work with regards to the thickness of the dough you are working on again.
Sounds too good to be true????

Earlier I tried using them on my Strawberry Tarte.
Everything went like clockwork….and no hiccups along the way.
Before these rings, I always have trouble rolling out the dough to the desired thickness.

Now, don’t you wanna get your hands on them too?
Add them to your must have list?
Hmm….!!! Sad to say SG is not selling it yet.
I got them though a spree organized by Jo….
They were flown in from the States…
Price : $22 .... Brand : Regency Evendough Bands by Regency Wraps. Inc

There are 4 band thickness:
Blue – 3/8 Inch
Green – 1/4 Inch
Yellow – 1/8 Inch
Red – 1/16 Inch

Anyway….. Now my tarte is ready to eat.
Do you want a slice?

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