Friday, April 20, 2007

White Choc Mac Cookies

Of late, I have added many tools & gadgets to my already bursting kitchen.
Well…it’s nothing to be proud of cuz this hobby of mine is drying up the well real soon.

The star of today’s post is my newly acquired ‘Stackable Cooling Grids’ barely 20hrs old in my house.
For $25.70….now I have a three tier cooling rack. This makes cooling my bakes faster & it saves counter space too.
And I can’t help trying them out immeditely.

To do the honors in breaking into them is my favourite White Chocs Macadamia Cookies.
I had tweaked the recipe and I dare say, it’s now almost 90% similar to those of Subway ..... well !! at least to me.

The sugar level of these cookies are reduced to suit my family’s taste.
My In-House Royal Elf Taster gave his mark of approval!!!
He had acquired a flare with his taste buds….this little one is very critical of my bakes & cooking.
If he thinks it’s good enough ….. I should heave a sigh of relieve.

I started baking goodies for him when he was about 6 months old.
Initially, It was because commercial food were not suitable for him to consume at that tender age.
And I gradually progressed to heavier baking… & it soon turned into a hobby.
I never had the leisure in attending baking classes cuz I am stuck with little elf 24/7.
I can only rely on cook books (I have a vast collection too….!) and the internet to provide tips & knowledge.
The latter is really informative.

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