Saturday, February 16, 2008

My notes on Kimchi making...

" This post is specially delicated to Cammy as she wants to try her hands at Kimchi making. "

Recipe can be found here.

Chinese cabbage or Wong Bok are in abundance during the winter months up North cuz they thrive under cooler conditions.

I am writing this along the equator, so we can only rely on imports here.
Though locally we can get Wong Bok from China almost all year round, thanks to Greenhouse effects but it’s during the year end that we have them huge & juicy from the ground. Thus, 'now' is the best time to make delicious Kimchi.
We have Australia imported ones too during the mid year.

For the record, I had made 3 batches of Kimchi since Janaury. Each time I used about 4kg of cabbage.
Another batch is now waiting to be bottled for the fridge. Making this the 4th batch of the year.
See the pix, this is my Kimchi-making glass bottle, it can only hold up to a max of 4 kg of cabbage (note to self – must hunt for a bigger air-tight glass jar).

Kimchi Study

Making Kimchi is something I had self taught. It’s thu trial & error that I have perfected it.
Now the taste of my Kimchi is very consistent.

Okay! ah Cam, below is for your reference:

After preparing Kimchi, it is normally left outdoors or in a well ventilated room to ferment, the warmer the place, the faster the Kimchi ferments.
Roughly at a room temp of 25°C or more, Kimchi is ready within two days.
If U like it riper & more sour, the max U can leave it outside is 3 days. After that, the Kimchi will become toxic & spoil.

When storing the Kimchi, it is advisable to use a glass or earthen jar.
Press the cabbage tightly together into the jar and leave a gap between the cabbage & the lid.
As U can see from the pix, the Kimchi will raise as the pressure in the jar increases during the fermentation process.
Do observe the jar few hours later, U can see bubbles forming.

Once in the fridge, it can be kept for a long time.
U can eat it when it is chilled or continue to let it ferment for a week or so to achieve it’s full goodness.
As the Kimchi age, it wll get more sour & together with the Kimchi juice, It’s recommended to make Kimchi Chi-gae with them. *salivating*

So, ah Cam, simple right?….No more excuses to buy Kimchi anymore. Make & fly some over on your next trip. *giggles*

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