Monday, February 18, 2008

Sago Cake

Sago Cake

I made these pearly cakes during CNY. Relatively simple to prepare but the taste is not anywhere near fantastic.

Anyway, bless my polite guests whom gave me good comments after partaking them.

Excerpt taken from The Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery, 1971 edition:


An easily digested form of starch, sago is derived from the pith in
the trunks of the sago and other tropical palms.
After the tree is felled the pith is powdered, and the dried sago flour is later treated with water and worked into a paste.

This is granulated by being forced through sieves.
The granules acquire a spherical form as they fall into a shallow iron pan held over a fire. They are known commercially as pearl sago.

Sago is an important native food, and the wild sago derived from a Floridian palm-like plant is used as a food by the Seminoles.
Sago has an agreeable flavor more delicate than that of tapioca, and it is an invaluable adjunct to the invalid dietary.

When sago is cooked with milk, cream, and eggs they become a tasty and nutritious pudding.

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