Friday, October 19, 2007


About a month ago, after picking elf from school, we made a detour to our neighborhood kopi-tiam to get some afternoon snack as I have nothing to feed him at home.
Usually, I would have prepared some nibbles for him or hub would have gotten munchies the night before.

Sadly, around my estate, there are no decent eateries.
Just an aircon-less kopi-tiam that sells 'yucky' food (I shall not waste my time in describing the stalls’s just not worth it),
a not very well stocked yet, over-priced mini mart,
a very dirty but economical clinic (this clinic is a topic on it’s own…I have never seen a medical locus this fility before),
a newly opened, sparsely renovated hair salon (don’t think I will ever set foot in it).
To get proper food, there is always a mall 2 bus stops away.

Anyway, as I was saying, we were on a crusade to get snacks to save the day.
This stall in the kopi-tiam that sells cakes; kueh etc in assortment, but it’s merchandise are so pathetic that I have never bought anything from them before.
I am not a food snob but the cakes and all are really not appetizing.

After moments of browsing, elf decided on a box of 6 tiny oneh-ondeh, (it was a much regretted choice, he told me later….*haha*).

This elf of mine, loves his sweetmeats more when compared to main meals.
Yet, he could not swallow a single ball, something that rarely happened.
Upon biting into one, he immediately spitted it out claiming the skin is hard & the gula melaka bitter, after partaking it myself, I could not agree more. It tasted rancid. *eeewwww*

His palate is pretty well trained by me.
He takes food that is of a certain standard.
A mini food critic in the making…something I am not very proud off.
And the food I cooked are subject to his review most of the time.
He is like Remy in Ratatouille; thank goodness he can’t cook yet.
Else I won’t have my place in the kitchen anymore. *phew*

Today is my 1st attempt in making ondeh-ondeh.
After studying numerous recipes from both books & websites.
I decide to try one from a Nonya Kueh Book.
Instead of having liquidly, sweet gula melaka oozing out of the center of the ball, I made mine with grated coconut cooked in palm sugar for a better bite and texture. It’s not as good as I hoped but definitely better than those sold at the kopi-tiam downstairs.
Cuz my personal food critic chow-ed down 4 balls in one sitting where as I could only accommodate one.

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