Saturday, October 27, 2007

Squid Marinara

This morning along with our usual groceries, hub brought home with him a huge bag of squid.
He said the squid were very fresh today.
In my dominion, it’s hub that does the grocery shopping and I am in charged of whipping what he bought into edible meals.

Squid Pasta

As today is another stay-home Saturday, I planned to make pasta for lunch.
With with a pack of fresh spinach fettuccine I purchased yesterday, I made Squid Marinara.
My initial choice of seafood was shrimp, since we rarely have squid at home, I opted to use the latter for the sauce instead, thus, the shrimps are banished into the deep freeze.

Squid Pasta

Indeed the squid were fresh; it made the sauce very flavorful.
And the fresh pasta made eating this dish – more delightful.

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