Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thousand Layer Tofu with Preserved Century Egg

Thousand Layer Tofu

This tofu appetizer I am about to share is my all time favourite.

I can eat it on it’s own as a meal…..not too sure about the nutritional value but it is definitely yummy and I crave for them once in a while.

It is very hassle-free to prepare and to be eaten chilled.

All U need is a tub of silken tofu, pork floss, preserved century eggs (use lead free ones), dried seaweed, oyster sauce and spring onions.

U may layer the pork floss like how I did it to make it look prettier and more appetizing.

How I usually eat it is by mashing everything into a paste & stir in the oyster sauce last (taste and adjust oyster sauce accordingly), followed by lots of spring onions for that extra kick.

Thousand Layer Tofu

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