Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chicken Curry Dream

Before I hit the bed last night, I had this sudden craving for Chicken Curry.

I counted bowls & bowls of creamy and spicy coconut rich curry before I was lullaby to slumber land.

Woke up real early this morning…and I was still hankering over my curry dream.

Something has to be done…it’s either I go buy some curry or cook it myself.
Pondered for a moment, I decided to churn my own…cuz this way I can control the spiciness. *slurp*

After sending elf to school, I hit the store at rocket speed to pick up the required ingredients.

Rushed home & got down to cooking my chicken curry with 1 ½ hrs to go before I need to go get elf back from school.

And in record time, curry’s done and I could even squeeze in a quick shower to get rid of the cooking odor before bringing the boy home.

The curry tonight is so spicy that I doubt hub’s gonna dig much into it….so the curry is mine…ALL mine. *jumping up & down with joy*

Curry Chicken with Steam - Edited

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