Friday, September 14, 2007

Mee Siam

Woke up today and was greeted by rain pouring heavily.
Ahhhh!! What a nice way to start my day.
After doing the laundry, I sat down in the kitchen with a mug of steaming hot tea and thinking of what to eat for lunch.

I peeped into my over-stocked larder while mentally coming up with ideas on what to cook.

I have a collection of pre-mixes, bottled sauces etc for slow-moving days or emergencies.
While visually scanning around, I also flipped over boxes, bottles & cans checking on their expiry dates…something I do very frequently in order to maintain an up-to-date larder.

Spotted 2 boxes of Prima pre-mix reaching it’s expiration soon.
One of which is Hokkien Noodles and the other Mee Siam.
The latter is much easier to cook and it’s spicier than the other, so I chose that.
I gathered the ingredients & de-frosted the prawns.
Coincidentally, I had a couple of limes in my fridge meant for my balachan chilli, what a bonus, with the lime juice the mee siam will taste even better.

Cooking the pre-mix is a breeze but I gotta cook another meal for elf as he can’t take spicy food yet. And I am vigorously training him for that matter.

Sometimes, pre-mixes make wonderful meals too. The mee siam I just ate speaks for itself.

Mee Siam

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