Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jumput-Jumput Pisang

The bananas in the fruit tray are over ripe, usually I love eating them fully ripen as those slightly raw ones has got that after taste that I totally detest.
I need my nanas very gluey, sweet and fragrant.
But the bunch today is on the ridge of decomposing due to my full-time being away from home this past week.

When situations like these arises, on a good day, I will make the best outta it & some abracadabra later……it will be given a new lease of life.
Actually, there are endless things one can do with bananas. Since I used some for the pancakes earlier and I am still left with 6 large bananas. I had to think of something to make to fully exhaust them. A quick flip though my recipe collection these brown balls called out to me.
Jemput-Jumput Pisang

Jemput - Banana

WoW !!! When was the last time I ate them? 10 yrs - 12yrs – 14yrs ago?? Seriously !! I cannot remember.

A quick glance at the ingredients and cooking method.
Héy! It’s not difficult at all yet I had my reservations.
This fare calls for some deep frying and being a cleanliness manic, I am completely flipped out with recipes that require anything that will entail a session of major cleaning after.
I would always avoid this modus operandi like plague. *laughter*

Anyhow, my desire to sink my teeth on to them took the better of me, I caved in.
So, 3 hrs & 3 balls later, I am typing this entry completely satisfied.

Jumput-Jumput Pisang

What U need:

  • 125g Flour
  • 5 Bananas - mashed
  • ½ cup Milk
  • 40g Sugar
  • 1 tsp Vanilla essence
  • A pinch of salt
  • Sunflower or corn oil for frying


  1. Place the sifted flour into a large bowl.
  2. Add the mashed bananas, milk, sugar, vanilla essence and salt into the bowl.
  3. Mix the ingredients until well combined.
  4. In a wok or deep pan, heat the oil.
  5. When it's hot, use a spoon to scoop the prepared mixture and drop into the hot oil.
  6. Do this in batches so that it's easier to manage.
  7. Fry the balls until brown and cooked.
  8. Scoop them up and place onto an absorbent paper towel to absorb the excess oil.
  9. The snack should not necessarily be a perfect round ball.
  10. Cool and serve.

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