Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Introducing - "Household Hints"

I am starting a new category on household hints, tips and bright ideas.

Along the years, I have accumulated lots of tips on maintaining the house, kitchen, gardens etc. Most of the info’s are from magazines & books.
Talking about magazines, my collection has grown taller and taller and is now taller than me.
It has become an avalanche in the making any minute.
I have 3 piles of them. Like some people I know, I had the intention to chip out interesting articles to scrape or file nicely for future reading or reference.
But as days came & went….months became years…. I have not done anything constructive to them.
Then this brilliant idea struck me! Why don’t I sort out all my magazines & share the hints & tips etc here in my Blog. This way, I can both dispose off my out-dated magazine and also sort out the info I want to keep.

This is how this household hint is going to work.
I will make it very simple for reference.
On the right, U will see Household Hints Tag.
Click on them to read hints & tips from different categories which you can see in bracket.
For example “Household Hints (kitchen)” …. U will see all the kitchen related hints.
Simple enough?

And whenever U see this pix,

Blog Household Tip

U will know…it’s {{Paw Paw’s Hints & Tips Time}}. How grand is that??

And if U want to contribute your tried & tested hints/tips….feel free to email or message me.
I will post it on your behalf & credit the hints/tips to U.

U know…this thing that I am gonna put up fits me perfectly.
I am known to be very good at cleaning….”Clean” is my middle name….pun intended.
Cleaning is like second nature to me.
First thing I do when I wake up is clean & that is also the last thing I do before I call it a day…
I must straighten up the house before I hit the bed.
U may think I am obsessive/compulsive manic but who don’t want a spotless & neat house?
To get there…U need to put in lots of effort.
And If U are interested in keeping a home that is not only clean but comfortable, let me help U along the way…maybe my hints & tips may become beneficial to U as it has to me.

NOW! Repeat after me:

To a Spick-and-Span home… I must START now…..!!!