Monday, June 11, 2007

Vietnamese Salad Noodles

Viet Noodles

The thought of slaving over a hot stove on a hot, sunny & humid day is a real turn off.
Our weather here is getting hotter & hotter… and the heat is unbearable at times.

On such sweltering days, all I can think off is cold noodles to please the palate; anything Japanese, Korean, Thai, Sichuan, Viet etc…are terrific as long as it’s not steaming hot.

So, to bring down the temperature….it has to be something light & cold.
What is better then Bun (pronounced as ‘boon’) ….Viet cold salad noodles.
This is another of my Vampire slaying dish…..
Anything goes with this noodle….U can raid your fridge & what ever U have will go nicely with it.

What is important here is the Nuoc Cham (Viet dipping sauce).
Drizzle this lovely sauce over your bun; it immediately becomes an intricately flavored dish full with contrasting tastes and textures.

I simply adore this dish, not only because it is healthy but it exemplifies freshness with every bite. The noodles & greens are served in copious amounts, while the meats are in garnish sized portions. It's a dish that can be appreciated by everyone, young and old.

In restaurants, Bun is usually served with Grilled Beef, Chicken, Lemongrass Scented Shrimps, with lots & lots of greens & herbs…mint being a great complement along with coriander & basil.

The best part in preparing this dish at home is that U can do it way ahead of time.
Everything except the hot toppings can be kept in the chiller till ready to serve.

Now, let me show U how to prepare this simple yet delicious dish.

What U need:

  • Thick Vermicelli for 2 (Soaked in hot water till soft)
  • Any meat U fancy…..for easier option, try Roasted Chicken with broiled Shrimps.

Vegetables: Lettuce, Snow peas, Bean sprouts

  • Gently cut the lettuce into bite size, taking care not to bruise the delicate leaves.
  • Blanch the snow peas and bean sprouts in hot water and quickly dip it in ice water to retain the color and crunchiness.

Herbs: Coriander, Mint, Basil

  • Chop Coriander.
  • Mint & Basil…cut to smaller pieces, leaving the leave intact on the stalks.

Nuoc Cham:

  • 100g Garlic - minced
  • 50ml Ginger Juice
  • 3 Chilli padi - chopped finely with seeds removed
  • 100ml Cooled water
  • 2tbsp Sugar
  • 2tbsp Fish sauce
  • 2tbsp Fresh lime juice
  • Splash of Sesame oil


  1. Add all ingredients in a bowl & mix well.
  2. Adding the splash of sesame oil last.
  3. Leave sauce to sit in chiller for 1 hr.


  • The above sauce measurement is only a guide line. I recommend that you use my measurement & adjust the taste accordingly.
  • Do have more lime juice ready to balance the taste.
  • This sauce can be kept for weeks in the chiller.

How to arrange:

  1. Place the vermicelli on a bowl & add the greens & herbs on top.
  2. Garnish with the meat.
  3. Add the sauce only when ready to eat.

Viet Noodles

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