Saturday, March 22, 2008

Starwberry & Banana Milkshake

My home is in a complete mess cuz I have been going out a lot since the March sch hols.
It’s not dirty by the way, I still vacuum & mop daily, it’s just that I tend be messy at times & leave things lying around & it really irks me to see my house THIS cluttered.

Anyway, got home real late last night…errm! probably give it another hr or 2….we can view the sunrise & then have breakie @ Macs.
I zonked till 2pm and was greeted by a wonderful shower from the heavens….
Nice, cool weather to wake up to.
I have allocated today as 'Clean up the mess day'.

Before I kick start my hectic schedule, I gotta nurse the growling tummy.
It’s a blessing to have a hub that cooks, while washing up; hub’s already laying out my late lunch.

Was leisurely devouring my meal, when elf came & requested for a snack.
I rampaged though the fridge & realized that my bulk of Korean strawberries are not doing very well.
They are screaming 'eat me…eat me or we’ll die'.
Oh! Well, the best way to finish them all is to churn them into a milkshake.

Strawberries Milk Shake

Armed with milk, strawberries, bananas, 1 pint of B&J vanilla ice-cream plus
plenty of ice cubes - creamy! luscious! Strawberry & Banana Milkshake saved the day.
Now I can go potter around the house & by nightfall, I can sit down with a cuppa and admire the clean & neat flat.

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