Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Grilled Salmon Floss Rice

Salmon Floss Rice

I have not been feeding elf decent home cooked meals lately.
Especially where lunch is concerned, it’s kinda hard to cook a meal for 2, above all, my darling elf eats like a tiny bird *headache ahhhh*.

Along the way, elf had adopted my taste & likes in food (naturally eh!).
Just like me, he appreciates salads; sandwiches etc more than Chinese cooking.
I never enjoy typical Chinese meals served with dishes & boiled soup, though I am a Canto and was brought up drinking doubled boiled soups.
Now U know, I hate attending chinese dinners.
But give me pasta or casseroles anytime, I am pleased.

I love cooking one pot meals, to me, all the nutrients are kept in a pot & nothing is loss.
Also means fewer utensils to wash up...agree?
(Which reminds me that I need to grab a copy of Nigella Express fast.)

The mid-day meal today is another one bowl fare, that is relatively easy to whip up.

U need cooked rice, grilled salmon (flossed), salad leaves (cut finely), sesame oil and Japanese soy sauce to taste.
Toss well and scatter some toasted sesame seeds before severing.

Easy cooking for lazy me…elf’s fed & taking a nap, while I am tapping away here and thinking " What to cook for dinner tonight????" *sigh*"

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