Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Aprons

I have a small collection of aprons. But there are only 2 that I like.
One of them is used almost daily. The other is just for laughs.

I got 2 of my good friends to model for me.
This husband and wife team are a spot on as they carried the aprons really well.
(See pix ..& U will definitely agree with me.*wink*).
They willingly did all my requested poses. The wifey was a great assistant too....Kudos to the two of U. Now I know.. who I can turn to for future portfolios.
Below are 2 pix that are cleared for the public view...*haha*!

My favourite apron so far....very the patchwork cute!

Here's Mr MUSCLE at work......ops! caught him at the wrong moment.