Saturday, November 3, 2007


I organised a Halloween Party this year, though locally, Halloween is not a big thing. At the most, some restaurants may feature a dinner menu with a Halloween theme.

What is Halloween all about?
Many may think it’s like our 7th month Hungry Ghost Festival.
The only diff is that we take a month to do it; the people on the other side of the planet celebrate theirs in a day. *wink*
Like what we see in the movies, kids dress up in costumes & go trick-a-treating from house to house.
Anyway, lots of info could be found on the web if U’re interested.

It all happened last Friday, while I was at the supermarket, I happened to see a section selling Halloween stuffs.
Suddendly, the idea of a Halloween party striked upon me.
I thought it will be fun for elf to garb in a scary costume & stuff himself silly with candy & chocs.
And what a better way to explain Halloween is all about, than have a Halloween party to begin with!

Now, I just need a partner in crime…. & the unlucky person picked was Cinderella. Gave her a call immediately & she was keen. So happened that she was nearby and moments later she was right beside me choosing masks for our kids & making plans for the party. *FUN...Fun...FUn*

Monster Elf

Monster elf @ work

I was really excited; a Halloween party is unlike any other party.
Here I can let my imagination run wild.
On the other hand, it’s not money wise to go all the way, cuz our kids are still of tender age to really know what to expect & we are in an environment where this occassion is not celebrated.
Since, this party was called on at the eleventh hour, by the time I went around hunting for the decorations, all the good stuffs were sold out.
In the end, I had to run to a few different stores to gather all the stuffs needed.

I had a full head of ideas for both the deco & food.

Halloween Party Menu

This is é menu !

Halloween 2007

The party corner!

After sun down, Cinderella & I started decorating the party corner; it took us more than an hour to finish the job.

Halloween 2007

The food selection!

The platters of food were the laid on the table and it was time to eat, drink and be scary!

Assorted Snacks

The frightful finger cookies!

Halloween 2007

Cupcakes that's supposed to look like brains! But.....

The kids ate & fussed & made so much noise, bet my neighbors were all jumping with fits.
To make thy neighours the accomplices, we made the kids go trick-a-treating or rather food distributing.
Armed with candy, cupcakes & cookies…we went door-a-knocking.
We had different reactions from all, sure they were surprised to see us all masked & one even asked what is our religion? Why are we celebrating Halloween? Sigh! So much for humor....spoil sport!!!
Must be due to the boisterous noise the kids were making that made them sprout nonsense.
As it was another work/school day the next, the party wrapped up close to 10pm.
It only took 5mins to tear the deco down as compared to the hour we spent laboring over it.

I may make Halloween Party a tradition, now that I have a feel of what it’s like.
Then, I’ll host it on a weekend where we can all have longer hours of fun.
Cuz with the effort I put into this party, it should deserve a longer moment of glory.