Monday, April 13, 2009

On Good Friday .....


I organized a little lunch gathering featuring Korean Style Grilled Meat.

"Oh ! I so *heart* this dish…."

So *heart* those sizzling meat in wraps bundled with garlic, chili paste & all its condiments... ~S-L-U-R-P~ !!!

Actually, it had been on my mind for a long, long time to make this and nothing beats eating a splendid meal in the comfort of your own home with good company.

The Korean supermart I frequent only stock square grill pans, hence, I put off the idea of getting it cuz I wanted a round one.
By chance a few weeks back, I found it…the round, round pan. *SO HAPPY*

The moment I bought the grill pan, my mind began making little plans on when to host a grilled meat party.
And after much thought, that auspicious day fell on last Friday.

Overall, I had fun preparing & had more fun eating.
Anyway, to justify the cost of the pan, I think I have to make more grilled meat sessions soon.
Hmmm! Just the thinking about it now, is making me drool.


Here's what I prepared ....







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