Sunday, April 29, 2007

New York Cheesecake

I love baked cheesecakes.
Before I quit drinking coffee (did that last Apr...It's been a year 'wow'! And guess what I don't miss coffee a single bit), I love sitting in a nice cozy coffee joint hanging out with good friends over a good cuppa & a slice of cheesecake.

My last job gave me lots of opportunities to taste coffee & cheesecakes from all over the world.
I love sitting at those sidewalk café & people watching or read a book while sipping on my expresso… it in Roma, France or where ever I land .
(Like the saying goes ' When in Rome, do what the Romans do '...I did just that.)
Absorbing the culture, sights & sound…Oh! Those were the best days of my life….so happy & carefree .

Not that I am complaining now…..but being a stay-at-home mum has it’s perks too.
I no longer need to report to superiors & make sure I perform excellently in my job.
Right now… I only have my hub & elf to tend to…..and I run my home very well & it’s stress free too.
I have time to do what I like…bake & cook when the mood strikes.

Well……now I see no point in going to a Starbucks or Spinelli since I no longer indulge in coffee.
I do miss my cheesecakes from time to time.

Whenever that happens, I bake my own.

I find cheesecakes easier to bake than chiffon cakes.
There are no special techniques in baking cheesecakes.
After one’s first attempt in baking one…… U’ll know it’s that easy.

I don’t like biscuit crust for cheesecakes.
I always use the Sweet Crust Pastry to replace the recipe's stated crust.
U can see from the pix, the crust is thick….to me this will balance off the richness of the cheese & make the cake more palatable.

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