Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kimchi Roast Chicken

Kimchi Roast Chix

By far, to get the best of anything is to cook them yourself.

Take for instance, a roast chicken.
Home roasted ones are unquestionably tastier, juicer & more tender when compared with those purchased over the deli counter.
And there's definitely something satisfying about pulling a whole bird from the oven.

Sadly, for the sake of convenience, I will buy a chicken or two weekly instead & fridge them for quick & fuss free meals anytime.

But, every so often, I do have cravings for some good ol' home roasted heart-warming meat.

The easiest way to roast a chicken is by jam-packing the cavities with lots of familiar stuffing & all the trimmings one adore and let them do the magic.

In my kitchen, what I'll normally do, is stuff my chicken with parsley & thyme bread cooked in onion /mushroom sauce.
And to achieve a crisp skin, I’ll rub the skin of the chicken with coarse sea salt.

A medium sized chicken needs about 45 to 60 mins to cook through.
Anything longer than that will be considered over-cooked, which will result to overly soft meat that breaks off easily from the bones, bad news for craving but (good for kiddos & older folks though…*haha*).

Today’s featured chicken is wayyy simpler than the above.
All U need to do is prepare your chicken the way U usually do but switch the stuffing to Kimchi instead.
Just fry Kimchi with a bunch of thyme in lots of butter till fragrant & stuff them into the chicken.
Apply a coat of butter all over the chicken before popping it into the oven & within the next hour, U will get delicious spicy Kimchi chicken to go with your hot & fluffy rice.

Kimchi Roast Chix 2

The Kimchi speaks volumes in this dish cuz Kimchi itself are made with lots of seasonings & just this primo ingredient is excellent enough to make the chicken immensely flavorful.

The Kimchi I used today are very aged & the sourness of these ripened Kimchi does tenderize the meat further making the chicken very appetizing.

Last thought - Maybe I should stop being so lazy & start roasting chickens every Sunday as a ritual. *wink* That way, home goodness is guaranteed !!!

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