Friday, December 7, 2007

Almond Butter Cake for Tea

Almond Butter Cake

Have not been baking much these couple of months.
I used to bake at least 2-3 times a week when elf was younger, but laziness got the better of me.
There are a few cake recipes that worked on a rotational basis and I could even memorized the recipes by heart cuz I bake them ever so often….as those are elf’s favourite.

But I still enjoy browsing though my vast collection of baking books & imagine myself attempting them the next day, somehow, the bakes never surface.

Well, today, I woke up real early cuz I have tons of housework to tackle.
With quite a bit of time to spare, I decided to bake a much loved Almond Butter Cake in between chores.
It’s nice to have the house filled with the aroma of cake baking away in the oven.

Now, I shall go fix myself a cup of tea and get elf a nice cold glass of milk & enjoy our tea break.

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