Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kueh Lapis

Which is easier?

Baking cakes in the oven or steaming local kueh on the stove?

Both are not rocket science and yet failures are common.

But I am glad to say my little kitchen is blessed in a way that not many disasters befall it…..most of my experiments usually turn out normal & not up in flames or smoke like what one usually see in a comic strip.. *phew*

I made a slab of kueh lapis last week, not my 1st attempt though. Kueh lapis is churned outta my kitchen pretty often as my little elf loves this gluey, coconutty kueh very much.
Making lapis is so much easier than it looks, once U get the ingredients ready & the rest of the steps are like clock work.

Here’s a pix of the kueh to add to my blog portfolio.

Kueh Lapis

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